Our #1 mission is to give back to the community.

Raised over $580,000 last year.
Total value of media donations $1,397,950.
Our employees donated over 1000 charity hours.

We aim to practice what we preach.

We live here. We work here.

We take social responsibility very seriously.  Our #1 mission is to serve the community.  The Cox Family is from here, the company started in Dayton in 1898, and as those who came before us, we are committed to making a difference in the Miami Valley for generations to come.

We dedicate time and resources to support our region through non-profit fundraising campaigns, conservation efforts, community sponsorships and local events. This enables us to appreciate the rich history,  background, and innovative spirit of this area.

Our community priorities touch 4 key areas:

 Environment and Conservation

Economic Development

 Through our corporate Cox Conserves program, we are acting now to preserve the environment for future generations. We are committed to balancing the needs of business and the environment by seeking every way-big and small-to reduce our environmental footprint in the Miami Valley.  Part of our mission is to help economic stability and improvement in our region. We support economic development organizations, including those which enhance the quality of life through neighborhood revitalization, increase access to economic markets, build community wealth, and foster collaboration.

 Outreach for Youth

 Health and Wellness

 We believe in providing our youth (ages 12 to 22 years old) with opportunities by investing in programs that equip young people with the skills required for the future.  We will invest in organizations and activities that improve the health of our communities through medical education, research, safety, prevention, and treatment.

The James M Cox Foundation:

The  prestigious James Middleton Cox Foundation provides philanthropic support for not-for-profit organizations in communities where Cox Enterprises, Inc. does business.  Learn about the Cox’s Foundation eligibility and submit an online request form.

We care about our environment.

Launched in 2007 by Chairman Jim Kennedy, Cox Conserves is Cox Enterprises’ national sustainability program. Cox Conserves focuses on reducing waste and energy consumption, as well as conserving water. The program engages each of the company’s major subsidiaries (Cox Communications, Cox Automotive, and Cox Media Group) and encourages Cox Enterprises’ 60,000 employees and their families to engage in eco-friendly practices.

We are trying to live this commitment.  Our goal with our local Dayton facilities is to produce zero waste to landfill by 2014 and become carbon and water neutral by 2044.  We are proud to be a recipient of the 2014 Chairman’s Award for Excellence.

How you can get help.