Who we are.

Cox Media Group Ohio owns the media brands of choice in the Miami Valley, and is the world’s #14th largest privately held company and is on the Forbes Top 500 Best Employers.  Many of our local brands are #1 in their categories, including WHIO-TV Channel 7, K99.1FM Radio, The Dayton Daily News, Cox Digital Marketing and many more.  See our brand page for more.  Clients come to us for the biggest reach and a full array of advertising solutions.  We have helped our clients grow with results since 1898.

It started with a dream.

On August 15, 1898, James M. Cox purchased the Dayton Evening News. One week later, on August 22, 1898 he renamed it the Dayton Daily News.   The paper was founded with the intention of pioneering a new type of journalism, keeping weak ties to politicians and advertisers while seeking objectivity and public advocacy as primary functions. James M. Cox also put a high priority on employees.  These principles are what we still live by today.

First in new media.

When you think of new media you may think of the internet.  Actually Cox was a pioneer in a new media platform called “Radio.”  In 1932 WHIO was born becoming one of Dayton’s first radio stations.  In 1947 that new living room device called a “Television” was selling like hotcakes all over America, and Cox being first launched WHIO-TV.  Today, we’re in all forms of media.  From cutting edge digital marketing to traditional print, we serve the Miami Valley with a stunning 94.6% media reach, one of the highest in America.

Why does it matter?

If you’re an advertiser, it means we’ve been doing this a long time.  We’ve been making local business successful since the turn of the century.  We own all popular media platforms, so we don’t try to push you to one thing or another.  We find out what you need, who you want to reach, and develop a plan to get results.  We know the market. We know digital, wining the prestigious Google Award for customer service ranking #2 in the nation.  We are here, locally to serve you.  If you don’t succeed, we don’t either.

We care deeply about our communities.

Cox companies and the James M. Cox Foundation collectively gave more than $119 million in 2016 and $116 million in 2015, which included cash, in-kind and public service announcements. Our total combined community investment over the past two years is more than $235 million.

Want to know more about our history?

The company has it’s roots in our region.  See our full story on how it turned into a world wide powerhouse.