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We don’t sell you one thing.  We sell you what’s right for you.

Why is this important?  We customize the campaign based on our needs.  No pushing you towards one product or another.  We sell it all. We have it all.  This means you’re getting honest information, true partners.  We’ve been helping businesses since 1898 so we know a thing or two about media.  We reach over 94% of the entire market every week.  It’s an astounding number.

I see you have TV stations, radio, newspapers but how about digital?

Cox Media Group Ohio is a full service digital advertising center.  We’ve been ranked #2 in the country by Google for customer service and we’re proud of that.  Like our traditional media, we offer every possible digital campaign so we’re not pushing you to one thing.  Social, digital banners, re-targeting, the list goes on an on.

What kind of creative support do you offer?

Skydeck Studio is Dayton’s top media production house.  From video production, audio production, jingles, digital creative, logos and everything in between, we are proud to serve thousands of businesses in the region.

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