We love the Miami Valley.

We’ve raised over $580,000 in cash donations in 2018.

We’ve donated over $1,397,950 in marketing and advertising.

 Our employees have donated over 1000 volunteer hours.

What are our main causes?

 Environment and Conservation

Economic Development

We are acting now to preserve the environment for future generations. We are committed to balancing the needs of business and the environment by seeking every way-big and small-to reduce our environmental footprint in the Miami Valley.

We all want this region to expand and grow. We support local organizations that are making a difference by rebuilding neighborhoods and giving everyone a better economic future.  We believe this region is on the best in America support groups that live that mission.


Children’s Health

 Health and Wellness

We believe in providing the best healthcare possible and access to that healthcare by children of all ages in our community.  We support programs and institutions that support this mission.

We will invest in organizations and activities that improve the health of our communities through medical education, research, safety, prevention, and treatment.

 PSA Submission Form:

You are required to be a non-profit with a 501c3 number verifiable by an IRS990 form.