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Advertiser Resource Center

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Radio Specs

Preferred format for radio commercials is either mp3 or .wav file. Unproduced scripts are also accepted. Also files can be sent to Traffic Director Jackie Roberts at

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PSA Submissions

Commercials can be submitted directly to Spot production and client recording times can also be scheduled via the same email.
Produced commercials should be submitted at least one day prior to airing. For commercials that require production, notification of at least one business day is required. Up to two business days should be allowed for production and final approval.
For client recordings, studio time must be booked in advance, with a minimum notice of one full business day. Studio times are booked Monday through Friday; there are no client recordings on Friday.
For scripts that require production, please fill out the script request form.


PSAs can be submitted via email in mp3, .wav or written script format to CDs are accepted, and can be mailed to:
Jackie Roberts
1611 S. Main St.
Dayton, OH 45409
PSAs must be submitted with as much advance notice as possible, preferably one to two weeks in advance of the start of the campaign.
We do not guarantee PSA airtime. PSAs are generally put into a rotation, and may air at time or during any program.