February 11, 2017 — (Dayton, Ohio) — Barry Williams, star of iconic 70’s show “The Brady Bunch” drew in thousands of excited attendees to the Dayton Mall this past Saturday.  Barry spent several hours at the mall to long lines taking pictures and meeting area residents.

“Not only did we have area folks who wanted to see Barry, but talked to those who drove as far as Pittsburgh, PA to see him.” said Cox Event Director Karen Kelly Brown. “We were notified that people were planning to camp overnight.  We knew this was going to be huge, but didn’t anticipate the mob of people who waited hours at the mall.”

Williams made the appearance in conjunction with the Ultimate Home Expo event at the Dayton Mall.  His appearance was made possible by MeTV WHIO Classic Television,  who runs the Brady Bunch program on Sunday mornings.

“The crowd was enormous.  It felt like 1973 all over again. The mall was packed from one end to the other,” said Nick Roberts, VP Marketing for Cox Ohio. “Our local MeTV is the top affiliate in America, and we really put marketing behind it.  No doubt, the promotion contributed to the masses who showed up to see him.”

The Ultimate Home Expo and MeTV WHIO Classic Television are products of Cox Media Group Ohio.