January 11, 2018 (Dayton, OH) —  WHIO-TV Channel 7, the #1 CBS affiliate in America is now available on many “over the top” paid TV services.  “Over the top” means receiving the TV signal using internet based services through your smart TV or other devices. For those who are considering using other methods to watch TV shows, WHIO is available on many of the services and platforms.  As of early January 2018, you can watch WHIO-TV on DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, FuboTV, Hulu’s new live TV offering, and CBS All Access.

This means no matter what provider you use to watch important local weather and news information, WHIO-TV will be available when you need it. Most of these services are already built into smart TV’s, and available on the Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV devices.

We want our viewers to be able to access WHIO-TV’s live stream on whatever service they subscribe to.  It’s important for our audience to have access to live Storm Center 7 weather during severe weather events.  School and Business closings during the winter are also an important service.” said Nick Roberts, VP Marketing for Cox Ohio. “No matter if it’s over the air with an antenna, cable, or these new internet based services – we want our audience to watch us wherever they get their TV.”

WHIO-TV is also available free, with an over the air antenna at digital channel 7.1.

WHIO Channel 7 programming can be found live for subscribers to the CBS All Access app.